Getting Up To Date, Staying Up To Date?

I jumped in head first to get things updated.  Went after the ASP.NET MVC Engine, grabbed the toolkit for Silverlight, made sure the Silverlight SDK was updated, got the Deep Zoom Composer, Blend installed, made sure SP1 was installed, grabbed the WPF toolkit, and?   ok, at this point I lost track.  I think my home machine is fully updated.  Now the question is, are the other three machines updated?


Oh well, time to hit the ground running and get up to speed.  With some of the work I?ve been completing, I?ve seriously been contemplating a move to a new domain for my tech work (I already own it, so don?t go try to guess what it is an nab it!).  This way I can add it as a DBA (Doing Business As name) and get to work on expanding my reach in the community.

For now though, I just finished up my three part series I just posted and have started on some more entries in that vein.  I?ll also have some interesting and functional data generation utilities coming available soon.  Stay tuned!  😉