hack some code proposal

I’m not sure what the name should be, not sure how or where to go about this yet, but would love to hold some lunch time sessions and put some code together.  The idea I have revolves around small team meet ups during lunch for about 30-45 minutes.  A lead will be chosen to cover a topic and some functional code will be put together per that leads direction.

Of course this would mean whoever would come would need a laptop or other device of sorts to do development on.  They would also need appropriate tools.  If we?re working with C# something like VS.NET, if we?re working with Java then Eclipse, or with Erlang we?d need your favorite text editor.  Technically, I guess any of these could be built in a text editor, and the point isn?t what it is built in but to cover the language or specific skill topic.

Anyone else have any ideas?  I?ll be looking and talking to establishments around town that could or would host something like this.  Next I?ll just need to figure out who and what topics, which anyone could chime in on.