HTC Mogul, Hard Reset – AGAIN

I own, and use heavily, a Sprint HTC Mogul Phone. It runs Windows Mobile on it, and amid my normal complaining it is an alright phone. Really though, I shouldn't even say it is an alright phone, the phone is great, the operating system is what leaves a lot to be desired. In the time I've had it, which amounts to almost 8 months now, I've had every other day soft reboots, two hard resets, and numerous other smaller issues, lock ups, slow response, and other operating system related issues.

Recently I needed to hard reset the device again and had forgotten what the key sequence is. I had to jump online and dig up the answer, the first link I found described it precisely: How to hard reset the Sprint Mogul. I followed the instructions and was up and running again in about 5 minutes.

[Rant On]

Now the damnable thing about this phone, is that this needs to be done. I don't know a single IPhone user out there that has had to do something similar. This is just freaking stupid. This is one more area were Microsoft really needs to tighten up their act and get something out the door that is vastly more stable, capable, feature rich, and above all has some seriously usable applications akin to the IPhone. Blackberries, strangely enough, are in the same boat with the IPhone. It appears that they have less issues altogether.

But I digress, I now have to go waste 30 minutes synching the damned phone.

[Rant Off]