WebTrends at Day 2

Day 2 has started. First things first is to start ramping and get more of the material reviewed, and familiarity with Compass2, specific to my new position here at WebTrends. I must say, I'm glad to be back.

One of the big tasks that is still follow up from day 1 is getting the workstation installed with all the appropriate software. I have to say, getting a Microsoft Windows up and running is vastly easier, but more time consuming than an Ubuntu Linux Development Workstation. It is however much more time consuming than getting an Apple OS-X box running with Ruby on Rails. But this is a bit more expansive than a Ruby on Rails OS-X installation and I've not much experience setting up other installations on OS-X. Maybe I'll get the opportunity at a later time to expand my knowledge with RoR and OS-X. I'm still thinking that an Apple may be my next machine. I know for sure that my next machine will have Ubuntu as the pre-loaded OS and NOT Microsoft whatever.

During setup of the development workstation two major pieces of software were the big time consumers. SQL Server 2008, which is what actually caused the other big time consumption, Visual Studio.NET 2008 Service Pack 1! The later, SP1, took about 2 hours to download and is a required piece for SQL Server 2008 if one has Visual Studio 2008 installed on their box. I'm suspecting, that SP1 adds the necessary tools for the integration between SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008. That's fine, but JEEZ it's freaking huge. SQL Server 2008 installed over a network connection went fairly smoothly and quickly, albeit in a relative sense.

Once those things were installed I got started working toward getting things hooked up to the Team Foundation Server (08') and reviewing some code. I've already got numerous tasks assigned so I'll start working on those first thing tomorrow. Until then I'm out and off to Bailey's Tap Room for a good brew and good conversation with friends. If you're geek, goth, freak, or whatever, swing on by and have one yourself with some conversation.

2 thoughts on “WebTrends at Day 2

  1. Congratulations on your new position! I almost took a job at WebTrends in June of this year and the deciding factor wasn’t actually against WebTrends, simply a case of too many good offers at once with the ability to choose only one. I think they have a great model out there and lots of opportunity. Cool tech, money in the bank, and a nice downtown office. Enjoy!!

    — Stuart

  2. Thanks!

    We’re still looking about for a few good people. If you know any, send em’ my way. šŸ™‚

    R u downtown these days with work? We ought to do lunch sometime.

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