Twitter, .NET, C#, and LINQ

Codeplex and Google Code I've found has numerous projects pertaining to Twitter, my new found obsession these days.  Not sure if it will be an ongoing obsession, but having tools, code, and frameworks to work with it definitely help the prospect.

Some of the projects that I've found useful include;

  • LINQ to Twitter – What more could one want in a .NET world than a LINQ provider!  ROCKZ!
  • Witty – A Twitter client made with WPF.  Looks sweet, haven't played with it enough to know if it is truly awesomeness or not.
  • GEO Twitter – I've been wanting to get into map & GIS related matters more.  This should enable just that.  I'll be looking into this more over the coming weeks.

Over the next few months, along with the other fifty zillion projects I'm always working on, I think I'll be playing with ways to filter, increase readability, and overall make twitter a bit more useful.  In addition that that I'd like to figure out a way to add twitter feeds and RSS into a useful desktop or web based application that would allow me to keep them all in one place.  Yahoo Pipes is a start, but there is a still a bit lacking, and if anything it needs a nice WPF interface for Windows Based PCs.  If anyone is interested in teaming up on some of these efforts, let me know.