Microsoft Rant

[Rant On]

I’m very much pro standards.  I’m pro rail standards, I’m pro road standards, I dig web standards and browser standards, and I enjoy security standards and all sorts of standards.

Now, when there are standards and some entity ignores the standards it really pisses me off.  Recently I’m trying to download various WCF Projects from Microsoft and they ask for authentication via one’s passport.  Of course I have that and tried to login with it.  I was using Chrome and it didn’t work.  What makes this even worse is the fact that the little AJAX busy icon came up and I got zilch.  No message, no notification, no communication in any way that the site was stuck.  This is complete crap, and Microsoft should fix this immediately.  I tried a couple months ago and this even happened in IE.  Other problem being I’ve only got this to work in IE sometimes and also in Firefox… sometimes.  Opera it seems to work in consistently, which is odd.

[Rant Off]

Anyway, I’m done ranting now, on to a new topic…   which I have no idea for yet but I am actively researching WCF technology and authentication practices right now.  With that research I’ll definitely have a few blog entries coming down the pipe soon.

Stay Tuned