Open Beer/Coffee Days and Awesome Geek Discussion

Ben Strackany has been putting on Open Beer and Open Coffee days over the last half dozen or so months.  I often try to attend because these events have great tech talk and other topics of discussion.  I suppose that always happens when you get smart people together for caffeine or beers.

I’m aiming to attend the next Open Beer day at The Green Dragon so make a point to head out and say hello.  I’m always looking to meet new people out there in Portland and see what everyone is up to.

Open Beer Day
Thursday, October 9th, at 5pm
The Green Dragon
928 SE 9th Ave.

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Open Coffee Day
Last Wednesday of Every Month at 10am
115 NW 5th Ave

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Coffee or beer, you gotta like one, so come down and meet us, show us what you’re working on and who knows, maybe we’ll just invent the next big thing.