Slowly But Surely

…I've been bringing up new tools on Ubuntu to start using in my, sort of transition, to the other side of the tracks.  I've also downloaded Ruby on Rails, and so far it was easy, after going through multiple steps on Ubuntu it appears I'm missing several pieces.  I kind of guessed I'd be in this situation so I'm not that surprised.  I am somewhat surprised that the ROR camp doesn't have a little more support for more Linux distros.  Of course, I've been planted so deep in the Microsoft Camp for the last 5+ years that I don't really know where Linux related sites are except for system admin related stuff.

So back to figuring this out.  But on the note of these new products and tools I want to toss a few blogs out that I've started reading over the last few weeks.  Some of the guys that write these I know, so I don't yet.  Hopefully I'll eventually know em' all.

One thought on “Slowly But Surely

  1. some other fun technologies to explore:

    xul under firefox/mozilla – xml based templating with a javascript engine

    couchdb – map/reduce at its simplest

    also, while you’re on the dark side, i’d be happy to shoot you some code to play with if you want.

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