Agile"ish"? :: Tip O' The Day

Daily Habits and attitudes of an Agileish Developer

  1. Always talk to the other developers around you about what is going on, what you're doing, what they're doing, and know what is going to affect your work.
  2. Pair up often to develop parts that you are both respectively working on.
  3. If you need a break from social existence, do some mindless work, don't work on intricate parts of code.  If you can't verbalize and discuss what is going on, you don't need to be poking around in that particular code.
  4. Get user stories, if questions about the story arise, ask questions, if the story doesn't make sense, get the story changed.
  5. Make sure you can figure out a way to test your code, if you can't you're most likely designing something poorly.  If you can't test it in isolation you probably haven't thought it through all the way.  Sometimes though some code just has to be badly written.  🙁
  6. If you find yourself getting lost in code, refactor.  If you find you've written this piece of code before and deja vu is setting in refactor.  If you have more than 2-3 questions every few minutes about a piece of code, refactor.
  7. If you can't read a story from the code and the code tests, refactor.