Developers, CIOs, Agile, and why stuff Sucks

CIOs think developers suck.

Developers want CIOs to get a clue about Agile.

Why the CIO is clueless.

These articles are really good, and for a project lead, CIO, developer, or anyone in the industry they should read this.

I have to say I couldn't relate at all to why CIOs think developers are clueless.  In many situations, especially the non-agile, stuck in a silo, non-communicative old school developer the CIO that thinks developers are clueless is absolutely right!

Fortunately though, the new developer is more techno savvy, more communicative, more social, and much more agile.  The way people work is finally opening up and it should do a huge amount of saving the CIO to developer relationship.

Anyway, they're a fun read, check em' out.