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It seems there are flurries of activity at WebTrends again, at least in the local Portland news.  A new CEO, Alex Yoder, a 7 year veteran at WebTrends has stepped up.  Personally, and maybe I shouldn’t yap this, I kind of dig the idea.  Alex is a solid guy, knows the business, and is really fit for the job.  Overall, I’m digging the decision of the board.

In other news, WebTrends has torn through another quarter of awesome profits.  This of course means the employees get a little kicker from the company, and I love to hear that – nothing beats company productivity and quality like happy employees.

Bailey’s Taproom Round

I’ll be hittin’ up Bailey’s again with my normal round of .NETters, Goths, metal heads, entrepreneurs, and start up peepz.  One of the things I’m contemplating, if I can handle and if it would be worth it, is starting an open source project.  Problem is, what really needs built, what do developers or some particular user base actually need in an application?  The other real question is, who would want to throw in on a project like that?

The Startup

Right now I haven’t had time to write up any real tech related topics about what I’ve been working on.  There have been some significant blockages and rough spots, that we as a team are ironing out.  On the technical front though I think I’ll probably have some interesting UI & MVC related topics coming down the pipe.  Otherwise I’ve been taking it easy and trying to keep focused on productively moving forward without the speed bumps getting in the way.

…and Personally

I’ve also been trying, still, to get BlogEngine.NET up and running.  The blog engine itself is running already, but the ETL for getting stuff out of Community Server is no easy task.  Rather confusing and frustrating in all honesty.  Once I get a little more time I hopefully can get it knocked out once and for all.  It would sure simplify my blogging efforts.

3 thoughts on “WebTrends, News, and Techie Stuff

  1. Adron,

    Your name came up when I was doing a search for developers with OLAP experience.  I realized this is a bit out of the blue, but if you are interested in a career change, take a look at Tableau Software — http://www.tableausoftware.com


  2. Adron,

    Thanks for your kind words.  I like being "solid" and look forward to supporting your endorsement!

  3. Hey Alex, glad to send the endorsement your way.  I loved working at WebTrends and am always wishing all there the best.

    Keep rocking!

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