Some Cool Infoz for Keeping Up

John Lam is working on IronRuby at Microsoft.  This video over on InfoQ was rather interesting.  If you are curious which direction Ruby is going in the Microsoft world, this discussion gives some good insight and idea.

Look, a railroad system for Dutch Railways, being presented via a case study.  The case study being specific to how SCRUM accomplished a project that previously had failed.  The final audit of the software concluded:

  • The maintainability of the system is very good.
  • The quality of the source code is very high.

How can one NOT want that for the accomplishment of a project?  Come on, Lean, SCRUM, whatever you want to call it, Agile methods work, USE THEM!  The amount of failure that comes form not utilizing strong team based agile style processes is too massive to even contemplate further use in this day and age…  but enough of me ranting about non-agile methods.

Windows Live Tools have been released via a July CTP specific to VS.NET 2008.  These are something that I might actually use in the near future for some projects.  I ponder how I could utilize them in a transportation or transit related realm.

That’s all I got for right now, gotta jump back into my MVC and finish mocking up some examples.