Brutal Week

Some weeks just suck.  From the first minutes ticking away on a Monday one can see these types of weeks coming.  When just absurd off the wall stuff starts to break.  Next the complex things break that have easy solutions, just that no one has ever seen the breakages to know the solutions.

My last week was like that.  Having just returned from the Oregon Brewer’s Festival I sure hope that this week is an improvement in smooth flow.  I have big plans for this week.  First off there are major functional pieces I need to get done ASAP.  I’m on a good course, even after losing 3 plus days last week to interruptions (build issues, breakages, code problems, visual studio problems – you name it, it happened).  On Thursday I have a brown bag on the PIAB, which at this point I’m not prepared to the level I’d like.  I still need a few more demo examples and such.  Then on Friday I want to fully begin implementation of the PIAB into our architecture.  Overall, a rather big week of things to do.  In addition I’m going to be packing and preparing to move from one end of town to the other.

…I tell ya, never nothing to do.