Stand Up, SCRUM, or Some Other Name – Pt. 1

I’m not sure if this would be interesting or not to others, but first and foremost this blog is about me maintaining a history of what I do on the projects I work, what I’m accomplishing, and the technologies I’m working with.  With that said this is entry Part #1 of numerous entries I am going to attempt to start writing based on daily efforts and the stand ups that I attend.


  1. Finished view find functionality.  This included the UI, presenter, and test data for the functionality.
  2. Finished the add multiple single items, add single items multiple times, and their associated UI and presenter code.


  1. Begin refactor of yesterdays code, clarification and refactor of previously written code.
  2. Start another set of unit and integration tests for the next phase of functionality.  Make sure I have coverage, as far as feasible, for the existing functionality.
  3. Meet and discuss functionality for near future revisions, additions, and changes.


  1. Begin research of the PIAB (Policy Injection Application Block).
  2. Figure out where and how our IoC (Inversion of Control) and DI (Dependency Inversion) architecture points will meet.
  3. Implement the beginnings of a vertical integration with these concepts.

Road Blocks & Risks

  1. No significant road blocks at this time.
  2. Significant risks include; lack of significant code coverage from unit tests, unclear way for testing the upper layers of Excel/UI functionality.