Modern Computer Power Rulez!

I was running three virtual machines on my laptop and couldn’t help but think, this is awesome.  I couldn’t have imagined doing this 6-7 years ago.


That is three operating systems running in virtual machines.  Windows 2003, Windows XP, and of course Windows Vista.  All running hosted on a Windows Vista Machine – my laptop.  2+ Ghz and 4 GB RAM on dual 7200 RPM 200GB Drives.  Awesome to be able to work with such an environment.

One thought on “Modern Computer Power Rulez!

  1. It is normal and a good practice to use VM,
    I have at my main macine more than 10 backup’s of different VM, at office we widly use virtual servers , it is very usefull,

    specialy for such application as axapta or sharepoit,

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