.NET Subversion Tips

I’ve never been the “repository guy” or “build manager” or anything of that nature, but have had a decent amount of experience working with the tools.

So a few simple tips…

Exclude Directories

The second you create a project in .NET, if it is one of the projects that have a obj and bin directory, set both to be excluded from commits.  There is no reason to include these directories.  Every time a project is built these will be recreated, which will cause file changes and a required commit, and if excluded they’ll just build without interrupting the flow of commits, updates, and adds.

While we’re on the topic.  If you use ReSharper, make SURE to exclude the ReSharper cache directory.  This sucker can get HUGE and bloat up the source repository.  If you don’t use ReSharper, GET IT!  Then exclude the cache directory.

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3 thoughts on “.NET Subversion Tips

  1. You might want to exclude the .suo files as well. These are user preferences for solutions (breakpoints and the likes I believe).

  2. we recently did a tiny project that we thought’d be quick (but ended up having more commits by more devs than we were expecting) where we forgot to exclude bin and obj folders and suo files and ended up being annoying, till someone fixed it…so i found the timing of this post amusing.

    (i have nothing substantive to add to this post.  :-P)

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