Back to the Agile

So I had an initial project kick off for this new effort I’m jumping into.  So far we’ve agreed to work by a fairly solid agile type methodology.  Not extreme or any of the other tenants of agile, but strong communication, people over tools, and other emphasis of that type.  I’m relieved to have met the fellow developers for this effort and all are ready to get started.

So far we’ve notched out basic stand up criteria, ideas behind communication, and how we’ll go about making high level architectural decisions.  In addition we’ll be setting up a build server, maybe using Unfuddled, or at least subversion, and other 3rd party software to create our application.  Of course, our standard IDE will be Visual Studio 2008.  Beyond that I’m not 100% sure what else we’ll be using.

One decision still left open, which is a minor thing, is what test framework to use.  If we even need to limit ourselves to one framework.  Another question in line with that topic is, whichever framework, will we or should we put the tests in a separate project or include the tests in the building projects?  If we do the later that might provide a simple way to eliminate broken builds if they go with the code base.  Feel free to chime in and comment.  We’re still open to suggestions for most of these pieces of the project.