Kanban Ninja!

So over the next few weeks and days I’ll be pushing out a new development process, methodology and helping extensively with the consulting roles here at work.  My main goal is to make us FAST and to maintain quality and expand that.  One of the best ways to come upon mankind is of course, the Toyota way!  With that in mind I stumbled upon the Kanban Process Template for TFS, which we happen to be using (TFS, not Kanban).  I hope that I can also bring this into the work environment and gain even more productivity and gains in efficiency!  Go check it out yourself if you’re into the efficiency of doing things right, well, and downright top notch.

On another note, the ole’ gritty Portal Project that came out a long time ago has been updated too.  Utilizing .NET 3.5 and such it is now looking pretty cutting edge.  Go check it out too on CodePlex.

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