WebTrends Account Setup and Configuration

This is the e-mail one receives once the account is setup and ready for configuration.I got my WebTrends Account Welcome E-mail with all of the information needed to get connected and start working with the On Demand Analytics Web Application.

At some point I want to get a Visitor Intelligence Cube/OLAP Reporting Web Application setup too, but for now I’m just going to work on the ole’ site as is and get everything tagged appropriately.  In this blog entry though I’m going to go over real quick the basics of how easy it is to have a WebTrends Account setup.  In a later entry I’ll cover tagging the site for tracking purposes, tagging strategies, and other topics of the actual tracking that WebTrends Analytics performs.

I initiated contact (for me, since I work for WebTrends this a bit different than what it would be for most) and discussed getting an Analytics account setup for my blogging.  We then started the process of getting the account setup and a little later I received my introduction e-mail.

Once I received the e-mail I logged in to get my site started and just to peruse the basic links that are sent in the introductory e-mail.

This is the initial login screen to the OnDemand Marketing Lab Site.

The first time login requires a quick acceptance of terms and then off to the main page.

Once you get logged in this is the initial screen that is displayed.

On the main page (shown above) you will find the navigation menu on the left and the content area on the right.  The left area has each of the purchases & available applications listed;  Analytics Reports and Dynamic Search.  At the very bottom is the Administration Bar.  The Administration section is the configuration area for practically all of the features in the various WebTrends Applications.  I’ll have something in my next WebTrends Entry related specifically to setting up and configuring the initial account.

In the Welcome E-mail links to some very important information is available.  The support and documentation areas of the On Demand Application.  The WebTrends On Demand Support area provides links for downloads, release notes, and a quick start guide that should be a required quick read.

The other links go straight to the documentation.  This area has extensive documentation on tagging, advanced configuration, SmartView, installation and configuration, a guide to web analytics, and a whole bunch of other good reads.  As before, I suggest a lot of reading be done in this area for anyone using WebTrends Analytics.

Stay tuned for my next entry.  I’ll cover the basics on setting up a profile and data source for the nitty gritty of getting at the numbers.

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