Pre-existing Cube into Visual Studio Project?

I got to wondering, and realized it is not straight forward or even possible.  How does one go about bringing an existing SQL Server Analysis Services Cube into a new Visual Studio Solution or Project?

…this one I’ll have to dig on, so far, nothing.

One thought on “Pre-existing Cube into Visual Studio Project?

  1. I know you said "Existing Cube", but here are the steps to load existing database:
    1. Start BIDS.
    2. Menu "File"->"New"->"Import ANalysis Services 9.0 database".

    I am not sure if it is possible to import just a cube. That is because cube has links to all dimensions in that database, so what would happen if cube references dimensions that does not exists. That would corrupt cube.
    But, closest thing to that could be done by copying XML of cube. To do so in BIDS select a cube and then right mouse click and "View Code" and then select and copy to clipboard code. In another BIDS environment you could edit existing cube (or create new) in the same way and paste XML code. To be honest I have not tried that,


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