TDD == Awesomeness (Now Backed with Scientific Evidence)

I’ve been working toward a more and more proactive testing, or test driven development, approach to my work.  With some of my recent BI/OLAP work it has been a bit more difficult, as code isn’t always what needs to be written, sometimes it is just some scripts or ETL processes.  However even these things can benefit from TDD awesomeness!

I however wanted to point out some that Haack pointed out on Research Supports the Effectiveness of TDD and TDD is Also an Organizational Process.  Both of these things, the first I knew would be forthcoming as Haack did, and the later something that I have often discussed with various colleagues.

Now that he’s pointed it out I’m definitely going to have to push harder on new methods for implementing tests against more obtuse environments (such as BI/OLAP Development) and of course keep staying up to speed on the various rock and roll tools such as mbUnit and the various testing techniques.

With that in mind, I think I’ll have to add a few mbUnit and TDD based how to entries to the ole’ blog along with part 2 of my ASP.NET MVC how to.  Stay tuned!