Over the last several years I’ve noticed SharePoint actually getting its act together.  The URIs have gotten a little better and the interface has changed ever so slightly for the better.  There are however still gaping issues with certain parts of it.  This however is expected, being the flexibility of the application.

At work I’ve become glued to SharePoint a large part of the day for document management and versioning, forms that can easily be created in SharePoint also are easy to make and somewhat easy to maintain.  Even the reporting on those things is pretty good.  As I notice I’m more engulfed in the whole SharePoint world I’ve come up with some questions, mostly related to resources.

  • Where is a good real development resource online?  One that provides insight on how to actually add packages or modules to the site when needed.  How to really dig in and setup solutions that are highly customized.
  • What is a good source for end users of the SharePoint system.  Who out there has good how to docs and other such things, and I’m not talking about those pay me a zillion bucks.  Reasonable prices or free are what I’m looking for.
  • What are the ideal patterns and practices for SharePoint?  What are the ideal or suggested reporting types or uses for SharePoint?

So with those questions in mind I set out on a search for some solid resources.  The following is what I’ve found so far, if anyone else has any suggestions or addition please comment!

Anyway, that is currently it for my construction of a SharePoint list.  As I mentioned, if anybody else has any good links, please leave comments and I’ll collate an even bigger list at some point.

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