I've Returned, In My Mind, Back to Work

One of the notable things I heard at work today which I thought was just hilarious, is that Microsoft still spends significant time and effort publishing marketing crap with FLASH!!!

I’m all ready to jump on the Silverlight band wagon, hell, I already have.  But Flash, why are they still using Flash?  The stuff I’ve seen they could easily do with Silverlight in about the same time with an editing tool like Blend.  In addition to that they could help themselves by getting this pushed across their site.

Since I was snooping around Todd Anglin’s Site, he has a good entry about it too, “Memo to Microsoft Marketing:  Silverlight is out of Beta“.  I almost can’t believe it.


…all of this silliness from Microsoft brings me to a thought that has popped into my head on a semi-frequent basis lately…

Microsoft doesn’t just produce bloated software anymore, they have become excessively bureaucratically bloated also.  Not in a normal corporate way like they have in the past but in a, “bad for the company it is gonna start sinking the stock price if they don’t become performant”, type of way.  Come on Microsoft, get lean, but don’t be stupid about it and just whack half your employees or anything.  Just wise up about hiring, stop hiring so much, and for the love of sanity let those that aren’t good start leaving or moving on.  I understand there has to be some serious turnover in some departments.

The MVC is top notch, the extensions are great, the CTPs rock, Visual Studio 2008 is great too.  So now the operating system team, the marketing groups, and others need to start opening up and performing in a similar way instead of publishing crap in Flash like Hey Genius (even though it is kinda neat), and…  come on… Defy All Challenges!!!!  Maybe by the time readers click on those links it’ll be re-posted in Flash?

Anyway, Microsoft, keep up the good work and the arrays of confusion!  ARGH!  I look forward to continued efforts and readings on ASP.NET, MVC, and all the good stuff that you produce.  As for the silly out of sync marketing efforts I’ll continue to enjoy those as canon fodder for every geek group in the world.

Thanks Microsoft.  Big Smile [:D]