Camtasia and SnagIt Purchased…

I finally broke down and bought em’!  The main reason I finally went ahead and did this is because of the free Camtasia 3.1.3 offering that TechSmith put out not too long ago.  The $299 price was initially just too much for me, I didn’t need or want to jump into the screen videos that badly.  But since I could get it for $149 I went ahead and jumped in and will in the near future start publishing some screen capture videos.

With the Camtasia purchase I also finally have upgraded my SnagIt to the latest version.  I had been using an old version I had for years (egads, I think it has been 6-7 years since then!!  Aaggghhhh!)

So now I’m equipped to really setup and create some real professional looking curriculum for the how to info I create.

2 thoughts on “Camtasia and SnagIt Purchased…

  1. Really dig the new SnagIt.  I can’t wait to get some content completed with it.

    Nice blog btw.  I checked it out and it is looking good.

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