InfoQ and Agile Leading the Curve

I listened to the The Value of Agile Leadership to the Enterprise while working on getting prepared for some meetings this morning and checking e-mail.  Excellent speaking engagement with a lot of top notch guys;  Bud Phillips (Capital One Financial), Israel Ganot (BMC Software), Steven Ambrose (DTE Energy), Peter George (Cronos Inc. <- I’m not sure about this link – ME).

Often there has been back and forth about using or not using GUIDs.  I generally tend toward using them, per the Guid Gospel.  But there are always exception scenarios where they just aren’t really needed or awe inspiring queries need to be written.  In those scenarios I sometimes drop GUIDs from my schemas.  For the most part, as the Guid Gospel outlines, the first reason is enough for me.  The reduction and increased control of creation of objects on the client side is preferable over needing to make multiple trips to return row IDs and such.

A new old argument is growing over at Microsoft called Volta, read more on it at the InfoQ article Volta – the future of web development on .NET?.  I followed one of the links to the Volta site, but I get a .NET Exception tossed in my face at current (10:56am).  Hat tip also to Ajaxian’s Article, Public Sector Developer Weblog’s Entry, and Yow-Hann Lee’s Entry.

Of course more at InfoQ about the Extensions release, which I’ve got installed and rolling.  Even snagged a whole 20 minutes to look at it last night.  I’m hoping to add to the tutorials that Hanselman, ScottGu, and the others have created in the near future.

On keeping up with the cool new toys category, ASPhere has a nice config app.  Go check it out.

That’s it for today’s digest of tidbits.  I felt the need to write something up as so many things are coming out and releases are happening left and right these days.  So check out the stuff, keep up with the stuff, and have a blast with the new toys n’ stuff.