CodePlex Time

Over the weekend I made several attempts to download the BlogEngine on CodePlex by Mads Kristenson several times.  The problem, was that the site kept timing out.  I’m not sure if the local Comcast Service was having another issue or if the site was really down, but either way I wasn’t able to pull it up.  Fortunately that wasn’t such a big deal, because I had to spend my weekend reloading Windows Vista because… well, read the previous entry.

So anyway, with the monstrosity that upgrading Community Server to the latest version has become, I’ve started thinking about engines what are easier to maintain and provide more pointed functionality.  Community Server is ok, but the version I am running is 2.1, which is really outdated.  I’ve been looking at the latest version but between review of the database schema, the code base, and being unsure of what exactly they’re doing or attempting to do for a technology path I will probably move to a different product.  So far the BlogEngine seems like the best choice.

My main research right now centers around a way to export my blog entries from Community Server to the BlogEngine database.  I’ll probably create an SSIS Package to handle the export and import, as I’ll finish that and still be posting, which means I’ll need to do a final export on the last day of usage.  For the next 2 weeks I’m still crunching at work on T-SQL & getting some WebTrends Application specific work, at home I’m crunching on another project, and now I have this.  All together I’m going to be slammed!  At some point I’m hoping to have free time to go out and eat dinner or relax sometime.

…hey, a guy can dream!  Stick out tongue [:P]