Mr. Guthrie Rolls The .NET Road Map

I’m not even going to write much on this road map topic, I’m just looking forward to the ASP.NET MVC.  In almost every application I have lined up, even a lot of the prospective business intelligence work I have lined up this pattern architecture will be ridiculously useful!  Separation of concerns is of vital importance in so many aspects.

I’m all about being organized and neat in my code, to the point of a slight obsession.  The fact that the MVC enables a lot of this is absolutely great.  However I have to agree with Andy Wardley that MVC is not particularly the magic bullet that is going to give us a “100% clear” separation of concerns, but does guarantee us a separation.  There are however other segments and pieces that could or even do demand a separation.  The MVC is kind of a start.  What I have seen from the examples present by Hanselmen, Guthrie, and the other crew on the team the MVC they are producing will be one of the, if not the coolest MVC out.

Being that I have a year under my belt of the monstrosity that CAB and the SCSF attempted to piece together, I’m all that much more exited about their implementation.  I reviewed my entries from over a year ago, they’re rather crappy and not very informative, I’ll definitely have to provide some new entries with a solid set of examples for the new MVC.

With that, I’m signing off for the day, off to another geek meet and hopefully some cool Silverlight work tonight!

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