Martin Fowler, DSL, and the "Up and Up".

Martin Fowler is currently working on a book in reference to DSL, Domain Specific Languages.  A preview is available on his site.

SOA Governance seems to be the debate of the century in the advanced development community.

An interesting and scathing blog entry (I wouldn’t call it that bad though, he’s just making some points that almost any team could heed).  Also an article appeared on Info Q about this entry.

On another topic of keeping up, I found it funny that VS 2008 doesn’t really work to well with SourceSafe.  I thought that SourceSafe was supposed to be going away?  Oh well, it continues to haunt us.  I hope it works better than it did 2-3 years ago!  My advise is to NOT use SourceSafe, but pick up Subversion or something instead.

…and on a parting topic of keeping up, InfoQ also has an article on bringing onboard new members to a team.