Visual Studio 2008 is Finally Installed!

I finally got Visual Studio 2008 installed and running after the little download debacle yesterday.  I loaded it on a virtual machine so it should be super easy to break things and just start clean.  My next moves will be to start playing around with some of the new features, check out to see if the unit testing improved, and finally to make sure that ReSharper and all the other awesome tools that rock still rock with VS 08′!  I’m sure the ReSharper crew is working dilligently right now to assure that even more ass kicking is to be had with the ReSharper version for Visual Studio 2008.

I’m stoked, I’m sold, and I’m ready to do some 08′ dev!  I look forward to products being built with this new technology stack, and I definitely look forward to the power that is inherent in finally getting 3.0 and 3.5 framework pieces into place!

So cheers to happy coding!