Vagrant Troubleshooting

For all your high tech troubleshooting needs!

Ok, here is the theory.  I’ve seen it with every decent technical person I’ve ever worked with.  The easiest way to troubleshoot something is just to “show” someone what you’re working on, and talk the problem through while you’re doing it.  So for all those laptop toting techies a new solution has been created!  Vagrant Troubleshooting.  Don’t get me wrong, it costs a little money, but is definitely worth the investment.  The theory goes something like this.

The next time you’re walking down the street and are approached for some “change” by a bum, homeless person, or other various vagrant, tell them you have work for them.  Go ahead and pay them a good solid 50 cents and then pull that laptop out and start explaining what you’ve been working on.  When you get to the nitty gritty problem let them talk a bit, because then you’ll get a little bit of completely arbitrary insight.  Within no time you’ll stumble into the solution!

Since a technical person doesn’t always have another cohort or coworker around, the vagrant troubleshooting methodology would work perfectly!  So next time you’re out there taking a stroll down your favorite city street, remember to whip that computer out for your troubleshooting needs!

4 thoughts on “Vagrant Troubleshooting

  1. Um…what have you been drinking…and can I have some? I’ve done this with regular non-techie people, but not with a homeless guy who’s probably gonna run off with my laptop. 🙂

  2. It’s just my absolutely dry sense of humor.

    …I have no intention of asking for help from the bums.  Just being silly I am.  🙂

  3. Maybe someday if you end up disabled or suffering some other economic downturn/depression, you can offer to sell condescending anti-bum jokes to passing yuppies for change, since you’ll know what will appeal to their empathy-free senses of humor 🙂

  4. Marshall.  It is a JOKE.  Get a grip.

    Try not to wish people ill will either.  You are probably more reason that there are those down and out than I.  So lighten up a little bit.

    btw – I’m a talker, I actually asked 2 homeless guys I know what they thought, and they laughed.  Yeah, I straight up honestly did, because I find it interesting how people really think.  It sheds a lot of light on why people end up bums, or homeless, etc.

    btw – On another note, I said "bum", not disabled.  There is a VERY distinct difference between a bum and someone "sufferring from economic downturn/depression".  On that same topic, we’re not in a freaking downturn.  No one, and I mean no one should be living like the street transients, bums, or the vast majority of these people live.  They have to actually WORK at being this way.

    Obviously you are really in touch with the homeless/bum/transient community.

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