More New News and BAD Standards Use by SOA Standards Company

So it really isn’t news, but VS.NET 2008 is really coming from what I can tell.  I’m stoked about this, I’m really looking forward to doing Silverlight work too.  I think I’ll probably even hack together a solution in VS 2005.  I’ve seen a few entries out there recently which I could pull on to get that put together.

Another point of interest, especially with my keen interest and past work with SOA, is the release of Microsoft‘s Managed Services Engine (Repository).  I got tipped off on this release from the InfoQ Article “Microsoft Releases Managed Services Engine (Repository)“.  Even though Microsoft doesn’t state or even elude to the idea that they are going to provide governance management for services they do have partnerships with Amberpoint.

But then of course on the flip side Microsoft has added management for SOA into BizTalk as I read in SOA Software Adds SOA Management for BizTalk Server.  They’re currently working with SOA Software on this.

Which leads me to the dilemma of web/HTML/XML and compliance of standards in general.  SOA Software does a really bad job of this.  I pulled up the web site in Opera and it has text all over the regular page text, a total mess.  This is a company that specializes in SOA but doesn’t have basic web site interoperability?  This leaves me very suspicious.  With that in mind I put together an e-mail to notify them of their inconsistency which I sent to their sales at soa dot com.

“I went to your website to contact you in regards to a possible discussion of products.  However your website doesn’t display properly in Opera Browser, which leads me to believe that the site does not support proper web standards.  I’d really love it if you guys could forward to your “web group” that the site is totally hosed by compliance standards and you are most likely losing business because of it.

The SOA realm is NOT Microsoft centric.  I’ll check back, and possibly contact SOA Software again in regards to doing business when the site is fixed.


Adron Hall
my blog:
my site:
Software Architect & .NET Developer”

Within about 15 seconds of sending this I get a return e-mail from their postmaster account stating;

“This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

Final-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 5.7.1
X-Display-Name: Sales”

That really instills confidence in their SOA abilities.  This is basic e-mail and basic web site standards compliance.  Come on SOA Software, get yer act together!

On that note, keep up keeping up and watch out for the companies that you do business with.  Sometimes they aren’t cracked up to be all they’re supposed to be.