Lacking MDX Contemplations

So here I am plugging in some dimensions and getting some measures in Visual Studio when I stumble on the fact that I can’t get the MDX from what I’m doing.  What should I use to do this?

One tool I know that will get the MDX for a report is ProClarity, but are there any other “good” tools out there that will do it?

…anyone got some ideas, pointers, or suggestions?  Off to do some research myself also.

4 thoughts on “Lacking MDX Contemplations

  1. Either I didn’t understand you or you’re not familiar enough with MDX. The basic objects of OLAP DB are measures, dimensions, etc. They simply don’t have MDX code behind them. The MDX queries are built upon them. If you’d like to see what you did in VS in code, look for XMLA. In the management studio, right click on your cube/dimension and Script as Create.

    Good luck.

  2. Doh.  That’s my bad.  After re-reading my entry, I realized I didn’t explain it very good.  I was "browsing" the cube in Visual Studio.  In ProClarity when digging through data, or "browsing", one can merely navigate to the menu select and select "MDX Query" or something and it spits out the exact MDX for the presented data.

    …I’ll have to do an entry on ProClarity.  I have to fix my image galleries first – they seem to not accept new images.  🙁

    Thanks for the response Miky, I appreciate it.

    As for the XMLA, I do need to get in there and become more familiar with the sections of what is generated.

  3. Hey Adron,

    First of all, when browsing the cube in Visual Studio, all you can do is to drop dimensions to the two axis and slice the data with the "where" conditions. That means that every query you make in VS can be very easily transformed into MDX query. If you don’t know MDX yet, just look for or buy Mosha Pasumansky’s or Chris Webb’s books. They are great. The other tutorials in the web or in the MSDN are really sucks.

    Second, if you have Panorama NovaView you can see the query you made while browsing in a very easy way by using Direct MDX.

  4. Thanks Miky…

    Very cool.  I will check out the Panorama NovaView, it sounds like it could definitely be helpful.

    I just picked up multiple books that look like they’ll be helpful.  I’ll have to do an entry of book reviews soon.  🙂  I’ll check out that Mosha’s & Chris’ book too.

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