Rockin' It At WebTrends

As usual, the first week or three at a new position is very relaxed or at least somewhat calm.  Which for me leads to a bit of boredom, but I always know that just around the corner of being the FNG (F-ing New Guy) is the fast paced action of the project work.

Now that I’ve landed from the FNG phase I’m now carrying weight on three separate projects, and I’m stoked because of it!  With that I’ll have another treasure trove of entry material for the blog (not that I need extra material).

Several of the key technology points that I’m working on at the moment include; SSIS work for future reference, documentation of technical process, and tons and tons of T-SQL Stored Procedures and Cube Customizations.  Probably more of the later than the others and I’m ready to roll!

Smile [:)]  …not sure why I had to make this announcement via my blog, but I just felt the random and odd desire to do so.