Oh my freaking !@#!

I just spent multiple minutes on the phone with Chase Cardholder Services attempting to find out the bloody freaking zip code to send a stupid payment to.  You would think that would be easy.

I couldn’t find it on the site, I’m sure it is buried there somewhere.

I could barely get to it on the phone.  I had to go through two phases of entering my 16 digit account number, plus other pieces of information just to get the blasted address!  Something is seriously wrong with their navigation.

One of the other interesting tidbits is that while navigating this, I was also reading a blog entry.  That blog entry just so points out a lazy lazy navigation practice – “show less choices”.

There is a connected irony between my complaint and his.  They need to get someone on their navigation and logical structure of their site right away!  I just experienced the negatives of their navigation, and their lack of providing information in a coordinated and collected fashion.  The billing address should BE UNDER THE PAYMENTS SECTION!!!  If anyone is paying attention, FIX THIS ASAP.

The services are good, the cards a decent, the point programs rock, but blast it I want to be able to use them better!

Perturbed Adron

2 thoughts on “Oh my freaking !@#!

  1. So…what you’re saying is that you had to "chase" after your "cardholder services". 🙂 Sometimes things are named appropriately.

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