Video? Screen Capture? Hosting? Editing? Help Videos!

I’ve got at least three uses for video;  Filming my drifting efforts at PIR, getting screen captures for samples I’d like to present via Visual Studio per a recent discussion I’ve had, and of course for general editing, manipulation, and entertainment value of filming things from planes, trains, to goofy people stunts or whatever.  It’s all rather interesting, and becoming a more and more vested interest of mine.  I believe at some point I’ll need to plunk down the bills for a video camera and other gear.

On the topic of screen capture, screen casting, and hosting of said video I dug up a cool tool for just these topics.  Techsmith has a tool called Camtasia Studio for recording, enhancing, and sharing screen captures and recordings.  They also have a screen cast video media hosting service with seamless integration into Camtasia StudioTechsmith of course makes the almost famous SnagIt screen capture utility too.  I’ve used this for years and if their Camtasia Studio is anything like SnagIt in quality it will definitely be worth it.

Looking at this for a short bit also made me realize this effort might even integrate into some of my other personal projects I’ve been working on with a friend of mine.  Some of the functional needs of what I’m searching for a central hosting “vehicle” I’ll call it.  Something along the lines of Flash or Silverlight.  I’m mid-research on these topics but hope to finally dig up something soon.

So stay tuned, as soon as I can muster the time together, I’ll give a screen cast a shot.  Heck, maybe I’ll even get my ugly mug displayed in there too.  Smile [:)]