Keeping Up in the Last Week of August

For that “keeping up” category entry this week I’ve hit up a few web site pages that have current topics of concern.

The first I dug up was “Creating a managed service factory” by Martin Hinshelwood. Martin does a great job of laying out an interesting idea for managing multiple services via a factory.  Read it, it is interesting (I’m still processing and groking what is going on here).

While reading through some of Martin’s material I stumbled into an entry on “hosted TFS pilot program” by Jim Lamb.  With the problems I have had with personally hosted TFS servers, and my return to Subversion and other solutions, I’d love to have access to a reasonably priced TFS hosted solution.  As a matter of fact, it would RULE!

On another topic, while checking out the latest Code Project e-mail I received I discovered another code generator I had not seen before.  It is called Smart Code and it is open source!  I dug a little into the article and discovered it is maintained by a company called Kontac.  The produce business rules management software and other tools.  Check out Kontac‘s website for Smart Code.

The last article I read through was a write up on the ole’ trusty Command Pattern titled “Behavioral Patterns:  Writing Command Pattern with C#” by Francesco Carata.

Most of these articles I found I received via one of the weekly e-mails sent out by Code ProjectCode Project is an awesome site with some great articles and great content contributors.