Another Portland Elite Gone

…it seems for a while now that Microsoft has been tempting away a lot of the Portland elite of the .NET World here in PDX.  Just recently, if anyone was paying attention, Checkfree bought Corillion.  Now just a few months after that Scott Hanselman, their very senior main lead guru architect dude, has left for the borg as noted by Brad Wilson and of course Hanselman himself.

I personally think this is great for him.  I myself have been put forth offers from Microsoft several times over the last few years, but often it isn’t the team or focus that I’d want, and of course if anyone reads my transit blog they know I wouldn’t be very into living in Seattle until they at least get the light rail out to Microsoft, which probably won’t be done for another 5-10 years.  Then, maybe, if Microsoft is even around anymore (a lot can happen in 5-10 years) I might consider.  But I’ve promised myself no more suburban blight for me, it’s the city, urban life, and no more unnecessary car usage.  It’s just too frustrating and Seattle is still rather behind in that avenue of transit and lifestyle.

With that I want to wish Scott the best, and hope he has a blast working with ScottGu (how could he not?)

3 thoughts on “Another Portland Elite Gone

  1. Doh!?!?  My bad.

    I just assumed (you know what they say about assuming) that you where heading to Seattle.

    Sorry about that oops on my behalf…  good to know you’ll be staying in the awesomeness that is Portland!  🙂

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