Fed Up, Can't See the Code

I splurged and decided it was time for laptop number two.  My main motivation, I wanted some resolution and I’ve got it on the way.  I’ll be developing with a screen resolution of 1920×1200!  It’s so annoying using 1280×800 to develop, and with VS 2008 right around the corner and some of the cool stuff I’ve been toying around with (think WPF) I thought it about time to bump up the capabilities.

So now I’m en route to the path of multiple boxes again.  At one time I peaked out at 7 boxes, 4 Linux, 1 Windows NT 4.0, 1 Windows 2000 Enterprise Server, and my main box being a Windows 2000 Professional box.  Now I will have two Windows Vista laptops, a Windows 2003 Server (Source Code box!).  Eventually I hope to segment out the box to run a few virtual servers, but I’m not sure how well that will work out.  At some point I also intend to get Visual Studio Team Server and Subversion up and running to maintain my source repository.  I’d also like to get them running just to become more intimately familiar with them.

Smile [:)]  Cheers to geekdom!  Big Smile [:D]