Installing all the .NET Stuff

I’ve really been doing tons of hard core dev work with some of the newer .NET 3.0 technologies lately.  The project that is underway currently has been utilizing the WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) since it was beta and the SCSF (Smart Client Software Factory) since the first real CTP.  Those two foundations I have felt that the real technology utilization of .NET 3.0 was only halfway completed.  That notion being planted in my head, I’ve begun a trek to tie together the other parts of .NET 3.0 such as the WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) and WF (Windows Workflow).  For that trek I use the following development tools, libs, factories, foundations, etc.

The following items are what I have installed for my development efforts:

  1. ReSharper – ReSharper is one of the, if not the most kick ass product for cleaning up, writing solid, keeping things formatting, intellisense enhancing, beautiful code helper application on the market!  This product is produced and sold by JetBrains.  I highly suggest going on getting this product.
  2. EntLib (Enterprise Library) – Application Blocks baby!!!  These rule.  If you’re building an application for an environment that could even remotely be considered “Enterprise” you should seriously consider using these.  If you aren’t, you’re most likely doing something VERY wrong.
  3. WCSF (Web Client Software Factory) – The WCSF is very helpful when building web applications with dedicated horizontally developing teams.  Check it out, you might find it useful for even non-horizontally aligned teams.
  4. Guidance Automation – The Guidance Automation Toolkits assist with templates and such for things like the Smart Client Software Factory, Web Client Software Factory, and other such foundations.  These can be very helpful to reduce those initial setup of code files for the mentioned foundations.
  5. Cropper – Cropper is a screen shot utility, been around for a while, been pointed out by dozens of developers, very helpful little utility with very little overhead!  This is the way helper applications should work!
  6. dotnetfx3 – Download it, code with it, love it.
  7. WPF & WCF Extensions – WF Extensions and WPF/WCF Extensions are rather vital to modern .NET 3.0 Development.  Download and install these already!
  8. WF Extensions – As mentioned above, WF Extensions are vitally important and awesome!
  9. Easymock.NET – Easymock is an easy dll lib that can be added to projects to do mock testing.  If you aren’t really familiar with mock testing I’ll have some posts on site soon, but until then check out the download and hit up Google with “mock unit tests” and you’ll have a plethora of things to read up on.

For Windows XP vs. Vista CTP releases and compatibilities check out the MSDN Site write up.

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