SCSF – Smart Client Software Factory – May 2007

So I just realized the latest SCSF has been released.  This is a software package that we’ve been using for the entire project that I’ve been on for almost a year now.  The SCSF has saved us tons of time, even though it is somewhat cumbersome and if one is unfamiliar with CAB/MVP/MVC there is no reason to really dig through it.

There are a few points that I’ve noted from the various blog entries at Mariano Scklanny’s Entry,  Miguel Saez‘s WPF post, Blaine‘s entry, and the respective link to getting started with the Smart Client Software Factory.  An install helper is on the Codeplex site also.  Also a bit o’ Technobabble is a cool and quick walk through of the WPF & SCSF features.

Major Cool Points That I know of so far:

  • Better ClickOnce Deployment Capabilities.
  • WPF Support & Interoperability.
  • Code Generation Support for VS 2005.
  • A better dependency checker (for installation)
  • The “Disconnected Service Agent Application Block”.  Yeah!
  • Less mess during implementation.

Now the biggest problem with all of these cool changes is that they aren’t particularly backwards compatible (from what I’ve read) so these cool new features won’t be implemented in the project I’m on.

Sad [:(]  Needless to say though, I’m looking into the changes a bit further.  Smile [:)]

On the last note I’m gonna throw into this post is that the SCSF is going open source.  Yeah, that’s right, open source.  The SCSF Contrib is available with infoz on the CodePlex site also.

Catch the SCSF May 07 download.