Jobs, Jobs, and more Jobs

Competition is a key factor of the software industry.  It’s why the industry can get the talent, people, and entrepeneurial spirit that it has.  A problem has come back that is a familiar beast in the indusrty, everybody is short of 100% on staffing.  The key factors are still there in the staffing needs;  competancy, experience, education, determination, discipline, and of course attitude.  The problem I’ve noticed however is not the number of available people but the attitude and even the competancy and experience are just lacking.  Lately many candidates that I’m known to come onto projects are billed and sold by recruiters as far more advanced than they are or even sold to positions that the candidate isn’t even particularly looking for.

Currently the project I am on has been fortunate to find some great people that are of high competancy, senior level, and also have a great work ethic and attitude.  Our people have been some of the best I’ve seen in the industry too, no pressure selling here or urging candidates into positions they wouldn’t or shouldn’t be in.

We’re, in addition to having a little trouble finding enough of the perfect cadidates, rocking and rolling with the power team that we currently have.  Patterns and architectural work have been put into place that is allowing us to really start pushing forward, and sooner than later, we’ll be providing some real progress on the massive project I’m currently on.  I’ll be really happy though when ROI is realized by the company we’re working for.  I’ll know then that we’ve done far more than merely build a massive scalable and capable enterprise application, but we’ve helped improve the world for a few hundred thousand extra people in the world.

If anyone out there is looking for work, and you’re a senior level code person that cherishes good code, well written, with patterns, practices, and a good happy hour after work, I think my company is still looking so lets here from you if you’re interested in working in downtown Portland, Oregon (the coolest urban environment in the entire western United States).

– Yeah, yeah, Seattle and San Francisco are ok too.  Stick out tongue [:P]