AJAX List Application

As I sat down on the bus and hit the web via my Sprint PCS Wireless card I thought, “I really need a dedicated to do or task list application that I could deploy to my domain or somewhere on the web to maintain things with.”  Being that I’m a developer I didn’t want to just use some application I wanted to develop my own, at least control, have, and be able to change the code.  With that in mind off to Google I went. 

With many of these standard sample type applications there are literally dozens on the web.  I thought it would be really cool though to specifically have AJAX and of course an ASP.NET based application.  In went the search string “ASP.NET AJAX Task List” and back came the results.  Again I see one of my favorite bloggers has content specifically on this wish list item of mine.  ScottGu has an entire write up on the AJAX enabled ASP.NET application.  In addition to that he linked the same app, plus a lot of other cool applications in another entry dedicated to great available apps.

With that in mind I was off to a good start on my endeavor.  More to come later…