Silverlight (WPF/e)

With Erik Mork presenting the Silverlight or WPF/e presentation went well.  He provided good sample material and a nice overview of what Silverlight is, what problems it solves, and what could be done or should be done with Silverlight.

The major point, besides the cool examples, was that Silverlight is a XAML kick up from AJAX interfaces.  It provides browser compatible access to WMV Videos, MP3s, and other such media.  I have more comments about the whole notion of Silverlight in a subsequent entry I’m putting together.

The other major point that Erik brought up was the power that is brought via Silverlight by enabling managed code to be written and then executed at the client side.

A few other cool tidbits of Silverlight is LINQ, Web Services, XmlHttpRequest, the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime), and some other things here and there.

To summarize, my first session at Code Camp was interesting.  In addition this first session was a good overview and summary of Silverlight.