Jason Mauer took a different approach to this particular session.  Instead of having a set outline he decided to just present off the cuff.  This approach created an interesting session atmosphere.

Right off he dived into creating various 3D objects, dealing with the vertexBuffer, and other various aspects of getting something drawn on screen via the XNA Game Studio.

One point brought up is the backwards or reversed x, y and depth coordinates of the graphics.  There has been a change between Direct X and XNA (even though there is a lot of wrapping going on) where the left right basis of the coordinates has changed.  The basis for this is XNA has done a fair job of dumbing down things from Direct X to simplify the actual Game Development process.

Other topics where covered, many being somewhat unknown by me, but interesting and understandable anyway.  I shutdown my note taking at this point out of intense curiosity in the various things Mr. Mauer was speaking about.  The rest of the session went well and we got to see some pretty cool code executed and generating cool 3d objects on screen.

…and the last tidbit that I didn’t realize!

There is a $20 dongle for enabling the Xbox controllers on a PC.  I just have to go find this now!  🙂