Transit Engine

There are rules engines, business processing engines, and all these other engines.  After spending years working on these engines I figured I would sit down and create a Transit Engine.  If you read any of my other blogs or know me personally you know why I’ve decided this is something I want to create.  There are however other reasons.

One of the main reasons for creating this project is that I want to have something to provide as a web portfolio, interface portfolio, coding patterns, and all those cool things I learn how to do portfolio.  All too often I don’t feel I have a good reference point for what I’ve done.  With nothing more than my mere promise to customers I’ve often felt uncomfortable expecting trust.  With immediate reference point I have a little bit more for them to go on to find that customer trust.

I’ll include all of the project’s documents ranging from UML Diagrams to actual code implementation along with some good ole’ unit tests for good measure.  Of course all the documents won’t get dumped out here on the site at one time, it’ll take me a little while to accrue all of the pertinent items.  I will provide step by step instructions for where I’m heading, what I’m attempting to acheive, and the intended or unintended results of the project goals.

With all that done – I’m getting started.