Sprint PCS Air Card – (Sierra Card)

I had for the last few months a Sprint PCS PC-5470 card.  I’ve used it extensively and loved having access.  I didn’t realize that it was a piece of junk, wouldn’t have Vista Drivers, wasn’t supported anymore, nor did I realize that it wasn’t as fast as the other cards I could get.  Well today I went down to the ole’ Sprint PCS store on Broadway in downtown Portland.

After a short time a Sprint PCS Sales Person took care of me and hooked me up with a Sierra Wireless AC595 1xEV-DO Network Adapter Card.  The Sierra Air Card is insanely cool.  It’s faster, works with Vista, is going to have ongoing support, and has two AWESOME cool blue lights.  Yeah, that’s what I said, not one, but two cool lights!  (btw – I like blue lights and blue things in general)

So if anyone is in the market for an Air Card/Wireless Card w/ Service I would highly suggest Sprint.  Just so you know, I’m not endorsed, this opinion (and fact) is entirely me, myself, and I.  Also note – I’ve used Verizon cards, and other services before – NONE hold a candle to the performance of Sprint’s Wireless Internet Network.