Windows Vista Developer Installation Notes

Well I’m on round two of installing Windows Vista.  The main reason being that McAffee Anti-Virus, if the wrong version, which I thought I purchased the right one, blows the hell out of the OS.   I had memory messages displaying and this and that and this and that… blagh blagh blagh.

Needless to say I uninstalled it and it wasn’t all gone, it instead continued to act as a virus itself causing havoc with the memory.  So reload I did.

Now with a clean load of Vista I went about troubleshooting some other issues I’ve had.  Nothing out of the ordinary with a major operating system upgrade.  The first thing was the attempt at installing the correct components with IIS 7 so that I could then install the development tools I needed.

One of the problems I ran into was the inability to install reporting services.  So after a quick internet search via Google I came up with some answers in this kb article. This same issue is brought up over on William Li’s Blog.  He has the list of required IIS parts along with some SP2 notes and errata.

After I got it installed I couldn’t login to the blasted server.  I then went searching in regards to that and found a blog entry by Robert Burke pointing out that SP2 is required for SQL Server 2005 to work under Vista.

Now that I have been through the installation strangeness that SQL Server 2005 has put before me I am going to embark on Team Foundation Server (Hopefully) and finally Visual Studio Team Developer Edition!  So stay tuned!