Design Patterns

I’ve beend digging around online doing a bit of research into various design patterns.  There are several reasons I wanted to do this;  a)  I wanted to see what others where out there that I had not heard of already, b)  I’m doing a bit of design work right now and wanted to see what might fit into what I have currently designed and what might be additional patterns I might be able to use, and c)  I wanted to start a new category on the ole’ dev blog that related directly to design patterns.  So with that this will be the first entry I will make based on design patterns and similar ilk of development.

The first thing I did while researching was hit up google and begin one of the things I’ve seen demanded on many sites in relation to design patters, a “Design Pattern Site List“!  Below are the beginnings of my Design Pattern Site List.

Some other not quit related links that are still really cool!

…and for now, that’s it.