Tools to check out, or use, or…

So I've continued with my normal software misadventures and found a few tools that look like they'll be keepers.  The main one is Windows Live Writer.  Currently it is in beta but it is looking to be a solid application that is definately useful.  Currently I am using it to make my posts.  Especially since my usage of writely has been kept to a minimum lately since there has been a login issue lately and also it doesn't support Opera.

Speaking of Opera, if you've never used it, go check it out.  Yeah yeah it doesn't support some of the crap Microsoft's Proprietary IE does but it does everything else on the web including RSS feeds (way before other browsers), it'll get your e-mail (via pop3), the bookmarks are awesome, the shortcut keys make browsing lightening fast, and in general it makes one wonder why it isn't even more popular.  For all you hardware geeks, take note that it uses way less RAM and resources in general that the bloated Firefox and IE.

The last tool which is pretty important is Winamp.  I know you're probably thinking, "wtf does winamp have to do with development and such?"  Well I'm first and foremost a musician, have been, am now, and will forever be.  Thus it is pivitol that I have a daily dose of various bits of music.