Windows Live writer (beta)

So I decided to check out someof the Windows Live Beta software. Windows Live Toolbar and Windows Live Writer along with some of the respective desktop search and toolbar features. The Windows Live software seems to be pretty solid already even though it is still in beta.

So after about a 45 second download and 2 minutes install of the application and the toolbar I was ready to go.

I then started the Windows Live Writer and setup the service for my Technolog and Software Blog, entering the pertinent information. The application then “analyzed” the connection information and allowed me to select a provider, which is Community Server, and then followed a few more steps. One thing that was interesting is it required my to remove the www from Strange being that the domain name IS and not (links changed as of 3/4/2020 to point to At least it should be. But whatever I digress. It came up and off I stated typing this very blog entry!

So one of the features that I attempted to use was the image publishing, which it reported the Community Server blog engine version I’m using is not capable of.  This is kind of a bummer but I’ll attach them after the initial publishing of the entry.

The biggest advantage of this tool is that I don’t have to sit online and type under the threat of time outs, or disconnects.  I can type away at my leisure and then just connect, post, and whalaaaaaaa I’m done!

So with that, go check out some o’ the Windows Live tools.  I seriously doubt with a little standard observation and a little analysis that you’ll be disappointed, but instead quit to the contrary.